Angeline Chow

創業名人 I暨四屆寰宇領袖
Circle of Excellence I & Team Elite - 4 Years




從改變到蛻變 一步步累積成功

對鄒敏儀(Angeline)來說,加入Nu Skin成為直銷商讓人生充滿驚喜。「『驚』是想不到原來自己可以克服不少挑戰,而『喜』則是發現人的潛能可以推得更高。」Angeline坦言,原本投入Nu Skin事業只希望為家庭增加收入,沒想到從中「蛻變」,由沒自信、內向的害羞女生,變得思想正面,更憑藉她溫婉堅韌並重的個性,現踏上了創業名人 I 的成功殿堂。

掌控時間 自由照顧家庭

個性文靜、被動的Angeline早於10年前接觸Nu Skin,當時是位全職媽媽的她有感丈夫需獨力挑起家計,也想分擔這份沉重責任;加上當時孩子開始上小學,便想善用空餘時間去工作,減輕家庭經濟負擔。因緣際遇下,Angeline認識了Nu Skin,並認為這個事業平台正好滿足她的需求。「以前我是核數師,本來想重投會計行業兼職工作,然而這行業工時長且壓力大令我不禁卻步;反而Nu Skin工作模式較自由,讓我可以靈活掌控時間,照顧家人,故吸引我投身這事業。」

成功沒有奇蹟 只有累積

由於性格被動,而且沒有明確的目標,Angeline在Nu Skin剛起步時,的確屢次碰壁,更讓她一度想逃避、放棄,但多得當時的上線老師及團隊夥伴一直給予鼓勵,讓她漸漸建立信心,更讓她明白,只要堅持、只要嘗試,原來自己也能做到。


對於剛加入Nu Skin的新夥伴,Angeline寄語不要太着眼於一時的「未成功」:「成功沒有奇蹟,只有累積。當遇上困境,能否堅持下去是關鍵所在。不要把『我不行』掛在嘴邊,自我懷疑不能解決問題,做好每件小事,願意學習和勇於改變,成功便會在望。」

From small changes to transformation for success

To Angeline, becoming a business partner of Nu Skin has filled her life with surprises and wonders. “I am ‘surprised’ by how I can overcome so many challenges, and filled with ‘wonders’ of knowing there is room to push human potential ever further.” Angeline admits that at first she saw Nu Skin as just a bit of extra income for her family. Little did she know that it would “transform” her insecure and introverted self into a positive-minded one, earning her a place in the Circle of Excellence I through a fine balance of her soft and tough sides.

Take control of time for work-family balance

Quiet and passive in nature, Angeline first came into contact with Nu Skin 10 years ago. A full-time mother at the time, she wanted to lighten her husband’s burden of supporting the family. Meanwhile, her son began attending primary school, freeing up her time that she would want to work and ease the economic stress of their family. By chance, Angeline learned about Nu Skin and felt that it was the right platform for her needs. “I was an auditor. I had considered returning to the accounting profession as a part-timer, but I was put off by the long hours and high levels of stress that it entailed. What drew me to Nu Skin was the freedom lies within its business model, which gave me control over my own time so that I could take care of my family at the same time.”

No miracles, just hard work

Because of her passive nature and a lack of a clear goal, Angeline faced many hurdles at the start of her Nu Skin career. There were times when she wanted to give up and run away, but thanks to the encouragement from her uplines and partners, she built confidence and understood that with enough perseverance and endeavor she could do it too.

Angeline had always felt that her gentle nature was a weakness. In the eyes of her partners, however, it was an enviable “approachability” that made her easy to confide to; she was, in effect, their “chicken soup for the soul”. “I value communication and feel that listening can at times be more important than talking, and I build close relationships with my partners. Even you have a different style, as long as you understand your own motivation and goal, everyone has a chance to succeed.”

Angeline’s advice to new Nu Skin partners is avoid dwelling on the short-term “yet-to-succeed”: “To make it, there are no miracles, just hard work. In face of adversity, perseverance is the key. Never say ‘I can’t’, because self-doubt is not a solution to any problems. As long as you take care of the little things, learn willingly and change daringly, success will be in sight. ”