Pauline Lam

創業名人 I 暨寰宇領袖
Circle of Excellence I & Team Elite


上善若水, 虛懷若谷, 堅持, 讓夢想傲翔!



照顧好家庭,就是了不起的成就。林寶蓮 (Pauline)展開 NU SKIN 如新事業,不為雄心壯志,只為了與家人過些輕鬆好生活。其單純而踏實的想法,配合 NU SKIN 的經營概念,為她自己和家人帶來更多超出預期的收穫。求學時期的Pauline是名運動健將,不太注重皮膚保養,師姐介紹她使用 NU SKIN 產品後皮膚大有改善。後來Pauline投身廣告行業,由於工作繁重,6年前她開始事業轉型。她表示:「以前面對激烈的行業競爭,頻頻開會,又要追趕銷售目標,壓力太大。很嚮往 NU SKIN 的生活模式,又想令家人生活得更好,所以決定全職做 NU SKIN 。」


Pauline追求簡單生活,對事業沒太大野心,當初做 NU SKIN 也是抱著平常心,這種心態反而成為她的優勢:「很多人會因為被誤解或被拒絕而氣餒。我比較看得開,從沒介懷每次介紹 NU SKIN的得失。況且 NU SKIN 是細水長流的事業,經得起時間考驗。我們要有耐心和耐力,以個人的轉變、適當的溝通讓別人理解直銷事業。可能我曾當過運動員,很明白成功沒有一步登天。」對Pauline來說,最大的滿足感就是令家人的生活過得更好,並且得到他們認同。她表示以前和家人時有爭執,當初決定時,爸爸也十分反對。但直銷事業的鍛鍊消減了她的倔強,和家人相處漸和諧起來,近年家人更非常支持她,不但會用 NU SKIN 的產品,更積極向別人介紹品牌,Pauline認為這是非常重要的認同。


以前的Pauline從沒想過要實踐什麼遠大理想,但不經不覺間, NU SKIN 讓她了解到自己的潛能,眼界開闊了。她知道自己能達成的已遠超過當初所想,所以希望也能透過 NU SKIN ,幫助更多人實現夢想。現在,Pauline在家中擔當著重要角色,不但經常陪伴和照顧年邁的祖父母,還會代替他們安排家庭會議,處理各項家族事宜:「 NU SKIN 事業可以讓我經營好自己的家庭,提升家人的生活品質;在他們需要我的時候,我可以第一時間陪伴。他們也因為我擁有這份事業而感到驕傲。」

Less is more

Taking good care of your family is a great accomplishment. Pauline Lam started her NU SKIN business not because of any great ambitions, but merely wanted to have more time with her family and to provide a better life for them. This simple but practical thought works well with NU SKIN’s management concept and what she gained has exceeded her and her family’s expectations.

Pauline was an athlete in school and paid little attention to skincare. One of her senior schoolmates recommended her to use NU SKIN products which greatly improved her skin condition. Later, Pauline went into the advertising industry. The heavy workload compelled her to make a career change 6 years ago. “I was always stressed because of immense competition in the industry, endless meetings, and meeting sales targets. I yearned for the lifestyle of NU SKIN distributors and really wanted to provide a better life for my family, so I decided to become a full-time NU SKIN distributor.”

Let it go

Pauline pursued a simple life, and did not have much ambition for her business. She did not worry too much when she started her NU SKIN business – and that turned out to be her advantage. “Many people are discouraged when they were misunderstood or refused. It does not matter to me. I did not really care so much about the results each time I introduced NU SKIN to people. Moreover, NU SKIN is a business which requires long-term investment, so it takes time. We must have patience and endurance to make direct selling business understandable to people by showing them our personal changes and adopting the appropriate communication methods. Maybe I was an athlete, I understand that success does not come overnight.”

To Pauline, the greatest satisfaction was able to provide a better life for her family and also obtain their recognition. She said that she sometimes argued with her family before. Her father strongly opposed her decision when she decided to run NU SKIN business. However, the training from NU SKIN business has softened her stubborn character and harmonized her relationship with her family. Her family supports her these past few years, not only do they use NU SKIN products, but also introduce NU SKIN to others proactively; Pauline considered it as a recognition which was very important to her.

Pride of the family

Pauline had never dreamt big, but NU SKIN let her know her own potential unknowingly and broadened her vision. She knows that what she has achieved far exceeds her expectations. Therefore, she wants to help more people realize their dreams through NU SKIN business.

Pauline now plays an important role in her family, not only often accompanies and takes care of her old grandparents. She also helps them to arrange family meetings and deals with family matters. “NU SKIN business allows me to take good care of my family and improve their quality of life. I can be there for them whenever they need me. They are very proud of me having this business.”